Book Review: BlindSided


In a story laced with tension and temptation, April and Carter must navigate the thin line between love and heartbreak, challenging each other in ways they never imagined.

As they both escape the turmoil of their lives in favor of a small mountain town, sparks fly between author April Simmons and music super star musician Carter Hills when they move next door to each other for a month-long vacation.Their banter crackles with a mix of passion and animosity, creating an electric dynamic that draws them together despite their best efforts to resist. When April moves to the small town of Green Mountain, Tennessee, seeking solace in a rustic cabin to get inspired to write her next novel, she isn't expecting to come face-to-face with the enigmatic rock star. As their paths continually cross in this isolated and enchanting setting, April finds herself captivated by her neighbor’s charm, even as she tries to deny the undeniable chemistry between them. With Carter concealing his identity and dealing with the aftermath of a deceitful relationship and April grappling with her own emotions and heartbreaking past, their burgeoning relationship becomes a tantalizing dance of desire and uncertainty.

Will they succumb to the fire burning between them, or will they choose to walk away from the flames that threaten to consume them both?

BlindSided is book one in the Heart Song duet. This is the introduction to April and Carter’s heartbreakingly beautiful love story. It begins where False Promises ends.

My Review

Ahh April and Carter are so good together. I don't mean just the chemistry they share but the emotional bond as well. It is like their souls were yearning for one another. Especially true for Carter. He being a celebrity has to have his guard up as he does not know who is true or fake. So, I could understand his hesitation when he first met April. 

April made quite the first impression on Carter. She wowed him with her fairy pink hair among other assets. However, it did not take too long before these two were sharing a kiss. What a kiss too. I liked these two. 

I read this book quickly. Another emotional, good read from Emmanuelle. 


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