Book Review: Touched by Death


I was forced to make a deal with the devil, well a devil of sorts.

One with ulterior motives, all to lead me back to them.

The three boys with inky black wings, and hellfire in their eyes.

Those same men who introduced me to sin and painted my blank canvas with their own dark desires.

I thought I could trust them, but nothing could have prepared me for their betrayal.

The secret they hid from me. It led me back here, back to where it all began.

Little do they know, there is more to my darkness than any of us could fathom.

It has been waiting there, dormant, ready to break free for a long time.

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold, and I believe it.

My Review

In the previous book, Dmitriy, cousin to Daemon was featured more prominently. I grew to like him. So, I was very glad to see him have just as big a part in this book. His presence and feelings that he has for Aurelia. added another layer to the already complex dynamics between Aurelia, Daemon, Alaric, Ronan, and Dariana; especially Daemon. 

Although, my favorite is Daemon. He gives off the touch her and die vibes. Which I am all for it. Yet, someone else he also has to contend with is his good old dad...Lucifer. Yep, the one and only. It was good to see everyone interacting again after the second book. 

I missed all the steamy scenes in book two. There is no shortage of the hotness in this book!


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