Book Review: Bless Your Heart

I have three simple wishes:

1. Keep my houseplants alive.

2. Open a charming bed-and-breakfast in my small town.

3. Never see or speak to Beckett Valentine again.
None of those things are currently possible.

When Beckett decides he’s also interested in purchasing the Horseshoe Creek Ranch, my dreams of owning a bed-and-breakfast become a nightmare.
He refuses to give me what I want while playing dirty—a common theme in our rivalry.
Because of him, we’re in a ridiculous bidding war for the land.

We might have hated each other since our teens, but the stakes have never been so high.

And right now, I’m more determined than ever to take down my best friend’s older brother—cowboy boots and all.

Bless Your Heart is an enemies to lovers, best friend’s older brother, contemporary small-town southern romance with a happily ever after. Each book in the Valentine Texas series is a stand-alone. Warning: this book contains tons of Southern sass, sarcasm, and lots of spice! Fade to black is not included.

My Review

After reading book two in this series, I wanted to go back and read this book. I actually experienced this book through audio format. Which is a whole another way to experience this book and might I say a really good way. The narrators Vanessa Edwin and Aaron Shedlock did a good job of narrating this book and bringing it to life. 

Beckett and Summer had me laughing with their witty banter. They liked to push each other's buttons. This all just made the tension between them that much more intense. So that when they finally admitted their feelings and gave into each other, it was hot! If you love sassy characters with a good storyline, then pick up or listen to this book. 


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