Book Review: CurVy 13


He calls me pup,
and wants me to play fetch.

I'm Vallie, but BookTok knows me as @CurvyandBooked.

Dark Romance is my jam, peanut butter, and marmalade.

Mafia. Bully. Why Choose. You name it, and I want to sit in my beanbag with my battery-operated boyfriend and read it.

Look, if I don't need a chöochie ice bath after a romance, was it even a love story?

If someone didn't bleed for looking at her, was the hero really that into her?

But it's just fiction.

Until it's not.

So, when I find a masked man in my living room skimming my favourite romance novel, all my dark desires become very real nightmares.

And he is not alone. He has a mentally deranged brother who wants to play house with me.

Soon, I'm torn between right and wrong, good and bad, and who needs saving from whom...

My Review

From the author who brought us the Buther Men comes this new super, spicy, dark, series. It is so spicy that Nicci created her own "black" label for this series. 

This book definitely check's the mark for "masked" men. I really enjoyed the fact that Vallie is a curvy FMC. You can never have enough curves and curvy women are great. Where Tyler and Donnie are concerned, I went for Tyler. Yet, I did feel myself gravitating towards Donnie, even if I "hated" him. Ok, maybe not hate but he presented a much colder exterior. Yet it was that last act towards the end of the story that had me in his corner. I can't wait to read the next book and meet the infamous Dexter. 


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