Book Review: Odd Man Rush


Odd Man Rush is a FFM forced proximity hockey romance about defenseman Jason Stamos, his wife Kourtney, and their best friend, Celeste Gentile. 

While you wait for this release, you can read book 1, 
Heart Trick, a fake dating hockey romance about goalie Trenton Ward and romance author Cassidy Quinn.

The East Coast Series is a series of standalones surrounding the players of pro hockey team the Jersey City Goldfinches. These spicy books do not need to be read in order, but characters will appear in each book.

My Review

I absolutely loved this book. I started and finished it in one day. The dynamics between Kourtney aka Kourt, Jason, and Celeste is great. There were no awkward moments between them. It just felt natural, and I embraced it all and loved it. 

Kourt and Celeste together was different in the way that Kourt and Jason were together. Same as when all three were together. Like eating Napoleon ice cream. Each flavor is good on its own but when you get a mouthful of all three flavors it is so tasty. 

I look forward to reading more FF/FFM books from Kristen. You scored an amazing winner with this book!


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