Book Review: Hazing Her


Kennedy :

I have always lived as my father dictated. This includes whom I dated, what clothes I wore, and making sure that I understood any negative attention I brought upon the family name would have repercussions. Then the tide turns, forcing me to a new school. Will I be able to handle the four men whose own lives have been changed by my father's actions?

This is a Why Choose/Reverse Harem Romance, with a HEA. It contains dark subject matter and contains triggers. Not appropriate for those under the age of 18.

My Review

Readers of bully romances will want to read this book. I can't say that I have a favorite out of the four guys, Gareth. Ashton, Callum, and Rodney. Although, I will say that in the beginning, I was not such a fan of Gareth. He was the one that was really the ringleader of the four and he came off as a jerk. Yet, as the story progressed, the brass side of him was kind of endearing. 

Kennedy is a fierce FMC. She did not back down from the guys' taunting. If anything, it just spurred her to want to do the opposite of what they wanted her to do. This lent well as all of the guys have strong personalities and Kennedy was evenly matched to them. She is strong that one guy would not have been enough for her. 


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