Book Review: Reckless Love


She’s fiercely protected by her four older brothers. He’s the arch-enemy of the family. Can the two navigate the pitfalls of forbidden love?

Becky Bennett is a YouTube sensation. Her cooking show, T he Farmer’s Daughter, is a hit, and her role on the family farm is something she’s proud of. But being an online success and the queen of Bennett Farms hasn’t always been her goal. She’d much rather be working in her garden wearing big floppy hats and overalls, daydreaming about having a little house to call her own. Tired and moody, Becky ponders her lot in life and blames her unforgiving heart on her nemesis, Glen Kirby.

But never in her wildest dreams did she expect to develop feelings for him.

He’s more humble in his sobriety, easy to talk to, and has the best intentions when it comes to her family. There’s something special about the brawny lumberjack of a man she’s known her entire life. But Becky knows her family will never approve and does her best to hide her desire for a man she can’t have—a man who almost killed her brother.

When their secret pining is exposed, Becky hightails it out of town, with Glen following closely behind. These two frenemies can’t fight their feelings anymore, and his respectful chivalry pays off in a night of extraordinary passion. Every moment with him is stamped on her memory. Every second, every touch, every word. Theirs is a love that was never supposed to happen—and when it does, a dark secret is revealed that could destroy them all.

Is Becky strong enough to fight for her own happily ever after? Or will everything she holds near and dear to her heart implode into a serving of heartache?

Author’s A steamy standalone romance about two farming neighbors who fall for each other. One-click if you love a heroine who’s ready to live her life on her own terms, and a small town bad boy who’s been given a second chance. Romantic add-ons Slow-burn romance that turns into so much more, secret toe-curling kisses, a swoony beach getaway, rainbow unicorns. This love story comes with a guaranteed Happily Ever After.

My Review

I absolutely love this series. While each book is a standalone, I love that the Bennett's still make appearances in the books throughout. They are such a close-knit family. I have really enjoyed getting to know them all. 

I could not wait to read Becky's story. As the only female in the Bennett family, I was looking forward to her story. Where Glen is concerned, I like Becky had my reservations about him in the beginning. Yet as the story progressed and I really got to know the "real" Glen, I felt for him. 

It was sweet that Becky and Glen bonded over baked goods, especially apple pie. As reading this book felt like eating apple pie. It warmed my heart. 


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