Book Review: Captured Hearts: A Captivating Halloween Anthology


Beautiful Nightmare blurb

Nysa doesn’t remember her life before the institute. All she remembers is waking up one day with golden sand falling from one hand and black sand from the other. After that? Well, she tries not to focus on the torture.

Nysa’s life takes a drastic and deadly turn when swirling black and golden sands coalesce into Morpheus and Neiros—better known as the sandman and the boogeyman.

Dreams and nightmares are sacred things. They power magic and give life to super nature creatures. Their kings aren’t pleased that someone has been tampering with their powers. They plan to eradicate any and all threats to their realms.

Nysa has gone from one jailer to another. Taken against her will and facing her imminent demise, Nysa will use the only tool she has available to her, the forbidden powers of the gods who kidnapped her.

Beautiful Nightmare by Elizabeth Brown

I really enjoyed this novella story to this anthology. It is dark and smexy! Not surprised as Elizabeth does always deliver. 

Nysa is a kick ass FMC. While she did not need Morpheus and Neiros to rescue her, she definitely was not complaining. I could not either as these two brothers are a dreamy nightmare. Pun intended. Morpheus is the king of dreams and Neiros the king of nightmares. 

These two brothers may be rulers, but Nysa could bring these guys to their knees. I loved every moment of this story. Glad to see Nysa finally have a HEA as this "little thief" deserved it. 


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