Book Review: For Love and a Hail Mary


Shelby Thomas has spent her entire life in a small town outside of Lake Tahoe, surrounded by mountains and pine trees. Running Thomas Realty, she offers vacationers the opportunity to enjoy the rustic charm of log cabin living.

The sudden arrival of a famous football star half her age and renting her home turns her well-organized life upside down. Despite the age difference, their connection is instant.

Kyle Walker is growing tired of the same old routine of women, drinking, and partying, and is ready for a change. Hoping to escape the disappointment of his season being cut short, he sets his sights on Lake Tahoe, hoping to hide out and reevaluate his life. When an honest mistake brings his landlord barreling into his life, nothing will be the same again.

My Review
This is a sweet and charming quick read. It has dashes of spice. I mean that first kiss shared between Kyle and Shelby! I could feel the chemistry between these two. Then when Kyle told Shelby while they were dancing..."Dancing is just talking between two bodies". 

I love that Kyle saw Shelby's age as just a number and nothing else. He saw past this to a woman that he desired. Eventually Shelby pushed past her reservations and gave in to Kyle. This is when the story heated up. 

Love Evette and Uncle Henry. These two interrogated Kyle about his intensions towards Shelby and it was hilarious. Looking for a quick read then pick up a copy of this book. 


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