Book Review: Between Love and Loathing


Fake dating my enemy so I can design my dream bakery should be easy … as long as I don't fall in love with him.

Dominic Hardy might be an award-winning architectural engineer with fancy degrees and considerable accolades, but he doesn’t know a thing about baking. He doesn’t even like sugar.

So when my late stepfather’s will states that Dominic Hardy is set to inherit the Pacific Coast Resort he’d painstakingly designed, as long as my bakery can be plopped in the middle of it, it’s no surprise he balks.
Yet, my jaw drops when the will further requires us to mutually approve plans for my bakery’s design.
His stuffy taste will never mix with my whimsical vibe.

But then Dominic comes to me with a proposal I can’t refuse. He’ll give me everything I want in my bakery as long as I agree to one thing:

Fake date him for five months.
Keep his ex away by pretending we’re in love.
Smile and stare into his piercing green eyes at a gala or two.
Maybe share a kiss.
Nothing extreme.
Five months of acting in love when I really loathe him and his filthy mouth.
Even when he’s using it on me.

This should be a cakewalk.
Except there’s a fine line between love and loathing, and I think I’ve made the colossal mistake of blurring it.

My Review

I had such an enjoyable time reading this book. I could not stop reading and literally finished reading this book in one session. Clara is a spitfire. Love the way that she teased Dominic. That baking session in the kitchen! Once Dominic had his hands on Clara, he could not keep them off of her. Oh boy where those some spicy scenes! Dominic did come off as abrasive, but he did have his reason...namely his ex. She is a piece of work. What do you get when you mix a handful of humor, a hardy scooping of spice, a firecracker FMC, and a grumpy billionaire...Between Love and Loathing by Shaine Rose! A five star must read.


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