Book Review: Blue Collar Babes


Blue Collar Babes – a romance anthology celebrating men and women who work hard… and love harder. With stories ranging from sweet to extra spicy, this collection has a little something for everyone!

Participating authors include Dee Lagasse + Victoria Ellis, A.D. McCammon, A.M. Wilson, Aubree Valentine, Breanna Lynn, Indie Sparks, Ivy Jackson, Jennilynn Wyer, Karen Cimms, Kelly Kelsey, KL Donn, Lila Grey, Lilian Luxe, Mignon Mykel, M Leigh Morhaime, Renee Dyer, Shannon O'Connor & Sutton Bishop.

Bad Apple by Victoria Ellis & Dee Lagasse

This short story is a sweet, quick read with a hint of spice. I instantly fell in love with Lucy. The way that she was not afraid of Sam's reputation and right away wanted to welcome him is so endearing. She is someone that I would want to be friends with. 

When Sam smiled, he warmed my heart, but it was when he put a comforting hand on Lucy's leg to help calm her anxiety that really won me over. These two shared a few spicy moments together. Yep, they did it in the janitor's closet. 


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