Book Review: The Endurance of Wildflowers


When I met Thayer Holmes, I had no idea how much he would single-handedly change my life.

Our journey hasn’t been an easy one, but it has been ours.

We’ve fought through the impossible and come out stronger because of it.

But happily-ever-after isn’t a destination. It’s a never-ending road trip with bumps along the way.

Some bumps are bigger than others, but none of it matters as long as we have each other, right?

My Review

I have not read the other two previous books. So, I did not really get to experience Thayer and Salem's past, or what happened to Forrest, or Salem and Caleb. Yet, none of this mattered as I felt like I knew these two forever. Their love for one another was still so strong. 

What Thayer and Salem share is relationship goal. They work so well together. The respect that Thayer and Caleb have for each other is great. I am so glad that Thayer and Salem got their HEA. Having loved this novella so much, I do want to go back and read the previous books. 


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