Book Review: Between Devils and Dragons


If good girls go to Heaven, then bad girls drag their psychiatrists to Hell.

Torn between two worlds, succubus Ivangeline fights to level the scales of her heart’s needs and desires. Keeping her job as a soul hunter in another realm a secret from her human boyfriend fuels the waging war inside her but not as much as the forbidden love for her best friend. Fidelity can be a cruel and unforgiving thing, especially when hers gets tested and stretched to its limits by her sinfully alluring hunting partner.

Dragging souls to Hell—oh, yes, she has done that over the past five years with a broad smile and her signature blades, but the day comes when one mission shall change her life forever. When Ivangeline explores her darkest and truest desires, she not only gambles with her morality but also her very sanity and soul.

Her lie of a life comes with a price, a price that might be too high in the end, when the shadow of an ancient, dark prophecy traps her with its claws. Will karma force her to pay with everything she loves?

​Spitfire Ivangeline is about to find out when she steps into Hell’s fire of deception and lust.

My Review
The opening scene to this book sure grabbed me and sucked me in instantly to this world. Ivy is one kick butt FMC. Just how I like female lead characters...strong, intelligent, takes no bu!!, and hot as sin. Someone like this deserves an equally strong romantic interest. She has that in Marcus and Adrion. 

Everyone is saying that they love Marcus and I have to agree. It is his teasing nature with the innuendoes that kept me entertained. There are so many deliciously, spicy moments spread throughout this book. 

When Ivy's succubi side would come out it was great. IVLG, you have really done me in with Ivy that she is one of my top favorite succubi. As the story progressed, I found myself drawn more and more into the world that the author built for this book. That the large page count was not a problem. I look forward to reading more books from IVLG. 


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