Book Review: Halloween Games


The tales they say,
The Games they play,
The lives they break…
…Shall all come back
To hunt the Order.

“The good doesn’t bring satisfaction. Only the bad does.”

When I found the gallery, it became my sanctuary. That is, until one Halloween eve when everything changed.
Stumbling upon something I’m not supposed to see, my attackers are taken out one by one by a man in a Ghostface mask with the moves of an experienced assassin. Then, everything changes.
Is he here to save me or to finish what the other men started? Either way, I’m here for the ride.

The Halloween Games are legendary. A sacred time for the Order, and I’ve never lost once.
Until this year. Because of her.
This woman with cotton candy pink hair stumbles into me, redirecting my path and changing my perspective on the Order.
I could lose the game, tarnishing the name I worked so hard to make for myself, but I would get to keep her.
A week ago I wouldn’t even think twice about the choice. But now I’m beginning to think that true victory lies in the eye of the beholder.

“I should hear him in my ears, but instead I feel him on my tongue.”
AUTHOR'S this is a dark and completely unserious Halloween novella meant to satisfy your Halloween cravings, where smeggsy moments are carved into a twisted plot.
Second this novella is released under a different pen name since it's a completely different genre that might not be suitable for my Little Hope people.

For TWs, please visit author's website at arianacane dot com.

My Review
Yes. I loved this Halloween inspired novella. I read it in a matter of hours. It is so good. Definitely got the stalker vibes. Readers of dark, masked men, spicy romances will want to pick up a copy of this book!

Dante aka Ghosty can follow me anytime. Instantly, I felt the strong attraction he felt when he first saw Flora, his pink haired pixie. She may have been saved by Dante, but she has some fight in her as well. Yet, it is sexier when Dante would come charging in and protect her. 

Can I take a moment to call out the intimate scenes. Um, yes please! I will take more helpings of these scenes. The first one where Dante does not take off his mask! Leila is serving up dark and delicious stalker vibes with Halloween Games!


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