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Release Date: September 18

Winter Grove University is the dream school for anyone who wants to get somewhere in life, no matter if you’re an alpha, beta, or even an omega.

It’s almost impossible to get in. So when I beat the odds, I know it’ll be life changing.

I just don’t expect death on campus during orientation, or a warning to stay in my lane if I want to get through the next four years successfully.

Not that I’m worried, or anything.

That is, until the three most influential boys of Winter Grove decide to dedicate the semester to making my life a living hell for reasons that probably aren’t my fault.

Foster, Dorian, and August know how to hold a grudge. And they’re not willing to let me forget any slight I may have committed against them. Now, with three boys making my life hell and bodies piling up around campus, I have to wonder if maybe I should stop worrying about my grades and instead focus on the two alphas and a beta who can’t seem to leave me alone or the killer who might be closer than we thought.

Vile Boys is the first book in the Knot Their Toy duet and includes omegaverse, M/M, poly, and bullying.

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My Review
This is a very quick read. I started it last night and by the next morning I was finished reading it. This book is categorized as a bully romance, and it is not wrong. Yet, the teasing that Dorian, August, and Foster did towards Mercy was not too vicious. Although, I do have to admit that in the beginning I had mixed feelings towards the guys. The bullying did make me not like them but than they would flash a smirk or taunt Mercy in just the right way that had me falling for them. 

Out of the three guys I do have to say that my favorite is Dorian. He oozed the alpha vibe perfectly. He is who I envision when I think of "alphas". While August is an alpha as well, he is more of the silent type. Finally, there is Foster who is the youngest and you could tell. He has more of the boyish charm about him. Mercy aka omega is full of spunk, and I loved her. Readers need to pick up a copy of Viles Boys today!

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AJ merlin is an author, crazy bird lady, and rampant horror movie enthusiast. Her debut novel, A Little Wicked, is the product of being enamored with the paranormal and the need to hunt down all things that go bump in the night. Born and raised in the midwest United States, AJ is lucky to be right in the middle of people who support her and a menagerie of animals to keep her somewhat sane. Connect with her on facebook or social media to see updates, giveaways, and be bombarded with dog, cat, and pigeon pictures.

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