Book Review: Father Time: Hour of Sweet Revenge


An unknown event has left the prison of Tartarus weak. The same prison that only houses one being. Cronus; God of Time. With its walls unable to withstand him anymore, Cronus escapes finding an entirely new Hell has emerged while he was held captive. There is now a kingdom where there once was torment and souls serving out their sentences. He is set on vengeance. He is set on killing his sons.

Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus.

Kesia is a soul in agony, waiting for her underworld life to finally fall into place. She longs to be happy and content as the others inside Tartarus’ gates already are, but it seems she never will be. The only solace she finds is within the walls of Sinful Treats where she feeds the realms cupcakes, cookies, and cakes of all delectable flavors. All in her life is fine, moving along at an even keel. Until it isn’t.

What will happen when a murderous madman from below Tartarus is freed from the jail that housed him for eons? As Kesia embraces the urge to dance to the rhythm of lunacy that Cronus dwells within, he fights to keep away from her.

As Cronus fights to stay on mission and kill all those who wronged him, will a beautiful, sweet morsel of a woman flip his plan on its head? Or will she become a victim of his hate along with the rest of Hell?

My Review

Ok, so let me start off by saying that I absolutely LOVED this book! It is my favorite one in this series so far. I say "so far" as I know I will probably be saying this a lot with each new book in this series. It is by far the smuttiest one. This is a very great thing. My motto is "Smut for Life".

I love this world that author, K.M. Mixon has built for this series. How the various Gods and their love interest are intertwined/interconnected with each book in this series. As a reader this allows me to meet new characters but also reconnect with old ones that I have formed emotional bonds with. It allows me to love books in a series more this way.

Cronus is so damn hot and sexy that Kesia is one lucky woman. I would trade places with her in a heartbeat. There were so many steamy moments that I can't pick a favorite as all of them were my favorite. Also, I won't be looking at cupcakes the same way again! Father Time: Hour of Sweet Revenge will have you getting hot and bothered in a very good way!


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