Book Review: Claimed by Him



I’ve known Tony Romano my whole d**mn life, and I hate that
b****rds guts.

I know he’s the one that killed my future husband that I was
betrothed to since I was in the crib, but I kept that little secret to
myself knowing it would cause a war between our families.
I don’t care if the grumpy as***le is sinfully handsome with
gorgeous eyes or has that toned bubble butt every sculptor must
dream of.
I hate Tony and he hates me, so why do I enjoy our witty banter
every time we are forced in each other’s proximity or the way my
heart feels like it’s going to beat out of my chest the way he looks
at me.
All I really want is to take control of my own life, travel the globe
and most of all 
NEVER marry. I refuse to settle into a destined life
of being a mafia wife with no decisional capacity.
I crave the experience of freedom but ironically, the moment I let
myself be free to love and be loved was the moment that I lost my


We all have rules that we must live by in my Mafia world.
One of them is not to lust after the sister of my rival. She is a
spoiled rotten brat that I’ve witnessed grow up into a drop-dead
gorgeous woman.
I’ve known Fiona Moretti ever since she was born.
She’s a beautiful, clever, captivating, rebellious, and obnoxious
brat that needs to be taught a lesson.

Her spikey attitude pisses me off, but I can’t deny that I look
forward to her snotty remarks when they are thrown my way.
I’ve kept my distance, because of her age, her brothers, and my
responsibility of becoming the next Don.
I can’t be caught running after spoiled little girls.
Especially girls that will surely get me in trouble.

My Review

Holy hell! This is my first thought after reading this book. It is so spicy. I could not get enough of Fiona and Tony. Tony can claim me anytime! This book is a must read. From their first time to every time afterwards, it was so hot that I know I will be having some really great fantasy dreams. Mafia romance readers will definitely want to pick up a copy of this book

This book also happens to be my first introduction to the Moretti family. Having now finished this book, I plan to go back and read the prior two books in this series. Loved Mia, Fiona's sister-in-law. The way she supported Fiona was great. Therefore, I am looking forward to going back and reading her story.


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