Book Review: Beauty and the Villain


Once upon a time I had it all.
I thrived in all the power and luxury this world had to offer.
Until I found out the hideous truth.
When a man I considered a friend betrayed me in the worst possible way.

The scars on my body burned anew every single day as I only craved one thing.
And to execute it I had to strike him where it would hurt the most.
His family.

I patiently waited in the shadows for more than a decade for his beloved daughter to grow up.
Unaware that a villain was ready to steal her far, far away.
I used to be a prince once.
But a certain underworld king destroyed my life.
The price for his betrayal is his daughter: the princess of the dark castle.

What can you expect from it?

  • Age Gap
  • Enemies-to-Lovers
  • Forbidden Romance
  • Father's ex-best friend turned worst enemy
  • Billionaire Romance
  • Dark Romance

And of course possessive alpha hero.

​My Review

I have read several retellings of "Beauty and the Beast" and I have to say that I am so loving this story.  The buildup from when Aileen and Rush first met to when they were together was all sorts of angst. I was so here for it that i did not even notice or care about the age gap difference between these two. 

​The way that Rush tried to warn Aileen that he truly is a villain had the opposite effect on me. Bad boy for life. Yep, sign me up; especially those intimate physical moments between these two. Aileen may just be a young adult but that does not mean she does not have spirit. She stood up to Rush. Oh, and the cliffhanger ending. I need the conclusion to this duet now!


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