Book Review: Honey and Hellfire


Grace is in Hell.

After giving herself up to the ghosts of her past in order to save her best friend, she finds herself right back in the place she fought so hard to get out of. Hell. Worse, she's trapped with the people she hates most.
Harlow, determined to own her in every way.
Red and Zeke, reluctant captors trying to comfort her.
And Eli…well, he won’t even speak to her at all.
They’re dark and dangerous and infuriating, but it soon becomes clear that there’s something far worse lurking in the shadows. There’s secrets hiding in these walls, and Grace is determined to uncover them.
But there’s only so long you can play with Hellfire before you get burned.

This is a dark, "why choose", paranormal romance (FFMMM). TW/CWs listed at the start of the book. This book ends in a cliffhanger but there is a HEA in the final book.

My Review

I knew that hell could be a sinful place, but Scarlet made it oh so sinful and delicious with this book. All of the men Red, Zeke, Harlow and Eli are great. Every time that I thought I had a favorite, one of the men would do have they moment with Grace. So, there is no one favorite as I love all four men. 

I love that this book had no boundaries between FF, MM, MF, and FFMMM. Thus, it was so freeing as see all of these characters in the various open relationships. Which is why it made this book so HOT. I like that each guy had their moments with Grace before the heat really heated up. It allowed me to get to know them better and their personalities. 

The ending! Um I need the conclusion to this duet ASAP!


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