Book Review: What Lurks in the Shadows


The end was just the beginning..

When Grace was twenty, she had a front-row seat to the end of the world. What was once the perfect suburban life became a daily fight to stay alive. All that was is now gone forever. Determined, she prepares for what the future brings, armed with her instincts, the desire to protect her loved ones, and her iron will to survive. Just as Grace and her family adjust to this new uncertain environment, a much more terrifying threat emerges from within the darkness, one even more petrifying than the apocalypse itself…

Told from two points in time leading up to one epic showdown, this twisty, page-turning, and terrifying account of a modern post-apocalyptic tale is a ride readers will not forget.

My Review

All I will say is beware the Click-click-click-click! Nothing good comes from this sound. There was a scene early on in the story during Grace's flashback to the past that was scary in the sense that it was a good build up to what was coming. At that point I did not know what type of monster lurked in the darkness, but I did know it was one to be feared. 

While I did like this book, I did feel that it took a while for the anticipation to really build up. Additionally, I found myself easily getting confused in the beginning as well with the transition between the past and the present. Although, once the story really picked up, I was hooked and found the book to be a quick read. 


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