Book Review: All the Broken Girls


When one falls

Crime reporter Mari Alvarez was never able to solve her mother’s murder ten years ago. But when a woman is gunned down on the doorstep of her West Tampa neighborhood, Mari can’t shake the eerie sense of connection.

The others will break

Now there have been two murders in two days. Each crime scene awash with arcane clues—and without a trace of DNA from the killer. And for each victim, a doll. The first is missing an eye. The second is missing a heart. But are these clues leading to the killer…or messages for Mari?

Unless she plays the game...

Caught up in a maelstrom of Old-World superstition, secrets, and ties to her own past, Mari has only one option. Put the puzzle together before someone else dies—even if it destroys her career. But there’s no escaping the hungry spider’s web when it’s been made just for you…

My Review

I have mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand I liked the rich culture influence that the author brought to the story. However, I did find myself not connecting as strong to the characters which is a shame. I mean Mari's determination to solve the murders and what if any there is a connection to her mother's murder years ago is felt. Yet, I did not feel that the other characters helped to elevate this strong desire. 

This in turn caused the story to move along slowly for me. To the point that I would sometimes get easily distracted and find myself having to reread pages to see what I missed. However, I stuck with this book and the story does pick up speed after the halfway point. Which made it easier for me to stay more focused on the story. Overall, I did like this book and would read another one by this author. 


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