Book Review: Triple the Secrets


Her life changed in an instant three years ago. Two teenage girls rely on her now, and they are stronger than she can believe. They have finally settled into a normal routine, and are determined to live life again. Except, a surly biker with a scowl that can melt steel has fixated on her, and wants to uncover their secrets. She tries to push him away, but he’s determined to discover everything. But something in this big, bad biker calls to her, and as hard as she fights, she knows only he can soothe the darkness inside her. Then their past catches up to them, and secrets are revealed. Can the Dragons MC keep them safe, or are they destined to run?

He knows the sexy librarian and the teenage hellions she's raising are in trouble. At first, he only wants to protect his club from whatever danger these women are bringing to their doorstep, but then he realizes that the danger stalking them is very real. Now, he's determined to figure out what they're hiding, and he wants to keep them safe. Even staking himself outside their house night after night. Except, he isn’t prepared for the truths that came out, but when they do, he is determined to make Scarlett his, and protect the girls she’s raising with his life. He’s the VP of the Dragons MC, and Dragons don’t run from danger. They meet it head-on and burn it to ash.

This book contains subject matter that may trigger some readers. For a full list of warnings, please visit author's website.

My Review

If you are looking for your next MC read than you have to check out this series. I have really grown to love all of these characters. They are like family. With this book, I was feeling the grumpy vibes from Rogue. Not to mention the insert foot in mouth moments. Yet, he got called out on them by Scarlett and her girls, Wren and Win. However, it was hard to stay mad at Rogue when he would say things that would have Scarlett's legs trembling in anticipation. 

The buildup was hot but not as hot as the climax! Rogue and Scarlett were on fire. I could not get enough of these two together. Yet, I do have to say that Wren and Win may have stolen some of Rogue and Scarlett's spotlight. These two girls with their quick-witted comebacks on Rogue had me rolling in laughter. Triple the Secrets is a five-star steamy must read!


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