Book Review: Orchid Blooming


A childhood tragedy followed her into adult life. Will she ever claim real happiness again?

Kind and generous, twenty-seven-year-old Orchid Paige will never forget that day. Living as best she can after witnessing her parents’ fatal accident, the beauty industry marketer yearns to win a promotion to China to connect to her mom’s ancestry. But with competition fierce, she despairs she’ll never make the grade… until she meets an encouraging man who makes her feel safe despite her usual distrust.

After Orchid convinces the handsome entrepreneur to let her gain experience at his nonprofit project, she’s determined to keep their relationship professional and ignore their powerful attraction. But when working on his military ad campaign for veterans triggers her own unresolved PTSD, she fears her confident mentor may be too good to be true even if she could trust him with her heart.

Can she conquer her vulnerabilities before she loses her chance at forever?

My Review

When I first heard about this book, I got very excited and could not wait to read. I can still remember reading Goodbye, Orchid. Which takes place after this book. So, it was great to go back and read about the beginning meeting between Orchid and Phoenix. If anything, this book made me appreciate Goodbye, Orchid even more. 

The past trauma that Orchid was experiencing that had manifested into PTSD was something that I could kind of relate to. I did not have the same tragic event, but my past situation still sometimes causes me anxiety. The techniques that Orchid was taught to help deal with her PTSD were great and ways that anyone can use to help them in their daily lives. 

I just love the way that Carol tackles tough topics like PTSD. She really does her research, and it shows in her books and characters. She treats the characters with care but while highlighting this topic. You need to read both Orchid Blooming and Goodbye, Orchid. Carol is an auto read author for me! 


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