Book Review: The Oracle


I friendzoned Hunter Lachlan because I thought he could never give me what I needed.
After a decade of pushing him away, I don't recognize Las Vegas's new Don.
Maybe my childhood best friend knew me better than I ever realized...
And maybe, just maybe, he's the one man for whom I'll kneel.

My Review

I am a bit sad to report that my excitement for this book weaned. I loved the prior one. The chemistry between Hunter and Aurora was hot. Then you add in the cliffhanger that hyped up my excitement to read this book. For some reason I found the first third or so of this book to move really slow. It felt like the book was really long and could have been shorter and not really lost anything to the storyline.

Aurora and Hunter were both different people. Which is not a bad thing as they both had went through a lot and grown. Yet, I felt like I was just reading about Aurora and Hunter but as people talking with no real connection.

However, I stuck with this book as I did enjoy the prior one so much. Luckily, it did get better and by that I do mean steamier. The intimate relationship between Hunter and Rory was hot. Overall, I still liked this book and conclusion to this duet.


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