Book Review: You Weren't Mine Then


Once they had it all. Now they want it back.

Finn Brennen, swim team star, and Anne Drecher, the wallflower who tutored him, sparked an unlikely friendship that turned into a love so breathtakingly deep that they couldn’t imagine life without the other.

But their happiness was short-lived. Torn apart by horrible timing and a twist of fate, for over a decade they are forced to hide their mutual past.

Devastated by a love neither could forget, Anne built a life away from it all while Finn strove to give his son a stable home. But every family gathering brought them into the same room and served as a torturous reminder of what-ifs and could-have-beens.

Now Finn is divorced and ready to fight for what his heart wants and needs. Anne tries to resist but yearns for the love she thought she’d lost forever.

Family is forever, but what if love is, too? Is a second chance even possible when their love could tear a tightly-knit family apart?

‘You Weren’t Mine Then’ is a steamy slow-burn small-town romance with NO cheating. It can be read as a standalone and is the third in the Riviera View series, a collection of interconnected novels.

My Review

I absolutely loved this book. As soon as I started reading it I was hook. When I did come up for air, I found that I had already read 40% of the book in one sitting. I finished this book later the same afternoon. Lily infuses such life into her characters that they become more than just people within a story. They turn into friends and family. 

I could feel the heartache and love between Finn and Jane/Anne as soon as they interacted with each other. From here the romantic connection between Finn and Jane is a slow burning one. Yet, filled with many emotions. The "flashback" memories that Finn had of him, and Jane were steamy ones. Yet, they were nothing like the "real" physical connection these two shared. Readers of Lily will really enjoy this newest book in this series. New readers will want to go back and check out the other two books. 


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