Book Review: Dig My Grave


After The Great Divide left them isolated my monstrous water mountains.
After The Maker's Massacre left them in darkness-leaving them in a world divided between Blue and Black.
Buried deep down in their home-holes, the families of The Five have been waiting for a long time for the catalyst that will spark The Maker's Third Atrocity.
Time can yield countless possibilities.
Time finds a young Gracie No-Name sold to the Broken King Magnus Windbound. Her simple crime was being born to an unloving mother.
A generation earlier, time finds Summer. A girl with curly blue hair and gray-blue eyes born to a world of black hair and black eyes, named after the season of her abandonment.
Another generation later, Skye Wallace predictably found himself in his office lost in time-investigating God's Cruelties. But Skye often finds himself reading about The Daughters of Light. Astonishing women, able to yield nature to their will, with just the snap of a finger.
Then stands the Gravedigger. A specter shrouded in black, burying this world one soul at a time, with every dig of its diamond shovel.

My Review

Wow. New author, CJ Amato takes me on a wild mythical ride filled with intrigue, deception, blood shed that will keep you reading until the last page! I mean even from the first few pages it had me edging closer and closer to the book. 

This book features three main characters...Gracie, Summer, and Skye. Each have their own unique stories to share. I like how author, CJ made it clear when the story switched to each of them. It is very easy to get confused as this story moves at a fast pace. Yet, I had no problems keeping everyone straight. Additionally, I found each of the three equally featured in the story. 

The story grew more and more as it progressed.  There will be a book two. Which I can't wait to see Gracie, Summer, and Skye again as they can only grow stronger. 


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