Book Review: Guns and Gags


My Review

Erin does it again. I can always guarantee that when I read one of her books that I am going to absolutely love it and have my heart ripped out. There may have even been some tears shed. There were so many emotions expressed through Nicci and Gunner's relationship. It was so beautiful. Then there is the sweet nickname that Gunner gave Nicci aka Nicci Doll. 

The physical and intimate connection that Nicci and Gunner shared is what "w#t" dreams are made of. In fact, reading this book may spice up your life. I could not get enough of these too. The whole time I was reading this book I could imagine what Gunner's voice sounded like. It is deep and raspy. Nicci shows that domineering women rule. Guns and Gags is a full-blown emotional roller coaster five star recommended read!


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