Book Review: Teen Killers In Love


The Teen Killers Club is on the brink of destruction, with one faction pitted against another in a deadly game of survival. Erik and Signal are part of the group who’ve had their “kill switches” disabled, and the others are under orders to hunt them down—or meet their own demise. Now, Erik and Signal have to find a way to neutralize the others’ switches and clear Signal's name. In the middle of a manhunt that is going viral and turning them into an internet-age Bonnie and Clyde.

Erik and Signal are both Class As—the most dangerous and manipulative criminal profile—but Erik is the ultimate Class A, with ten kills to his name and a secret in his past that will change everything.

As if being hunted down wasn’t enough, Erik is determined to get Signal admit that she loves him. But Signal is hellbent on crushing her own growing attraction.

It’s a race against time to save the Teen Killers Club from its worst nightmare—having to kill the friends they need more than ever.

My Review

This one picks up from the first. Which I luckily had read recently so the events of the first book were fresh in my mind. Things have really gotten bad as Signal and Erik find themselves on the run from the rest of the gang. Also, Signal and Erik's feelings for each other do grow stronger. 

It was nice to see everyone again, even if some were killers out to get Signal and Erik. As I was reading this book, it was like I was transported into the story. It was like a mini movie or television series playing in my head. 

While I did like this book, I have to admit that I did not like it as much as the first one. Although, it was still a really good one. I do look forward to checking out Lily's next book. Lily Sparks did slay me with these books!

From the author:

  I wanted to link you  THIS PODCAST that recapped the first book, including the ending, everything, full spoilers. (Title: Two Book Bitches, "Episode 27: For Legal Reasons")  I thought it might be a good way to catch up reviewers who don't have the time to read two books, but would like an overview of the first. It's a very entertaining & thorough episode that conveys the tone & fun of the first book really well. 


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