Book Review: Chaos Deals in Death


Here we go again…

Bereft of options and short on hope, Maya and Thelic are left reeling from the attack and a close betrayal. But with the ever-encroaching war and the Seer's latest prophecy, they have little time to spare.

Thrust deeper into the world of chaos, Maya's journey continues with friends close at hand as they hunt the territories for the remaining Gouram seals. But what is the cost of wielding such a power?

From the deserts of Kavakin to the icy mountains of the Southern Outlands, their constant enemies remain in desperate pursuit. Some may fall to this perilous quest, and soon the price of saving a world becomes all too clear. For in this realm, the chaos deals in nothing…but death.

My Review

Maya and Thelic are back. "Oh my god we're back again". Yes, I did just make a Backstreet Boys reference with a line from their song, Everybody. I did not realize how much I really missed them until I started reading this book. Which by the way I finished in one afternoon. Book one was great but this one is awesome. Kate's writing is increasing in a good way with each book. She is a storyteller. 

Although, with Maya and Thelic back that also means that Bandaar is back as well. He has not given up on stopping Maya and Thelic. If anything is thirst is even more. Luckily, for Maya and Thelic they are not alone in their journey. They are joined by Keela, Maya's sister and Elkin.

The action really picks up later in the story. From there it is nonstop. Talk about an ending to this book. As if I truly did Not need a reason to read book three. Now I have an even bigger reason. This series is not to be missed.


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