Book Review: House of Poseidon: Seas of Betrayal


Andromeda has led a boring, meek existence until the day she’s told she’s to wed the son of Zeus. Perseus, promises to be the husband of her dreams, but he comes with a lot of secrets. One of which, lands her in trouble with the God of the Sky, himself.

Poseidon, God of the Seas, has been harboring a grave secret for centuries from his brother Zeus. In one, blinding, twist of fate, one woman could bring it all to a crashing halt.

When Andromeda falls into the hands of a God, unwittingly, she will have to shift her focus on survival. She will not, however, have to worry about her life; she will have to worry about her body. The darkness that lives within Poseidon, is something he must battle constantly, but around Andromeda, it leaves him unwillingly.

Will the God of the seas give in, and risk it all for a taste of the beautiful Andromeda, or will his baser nature win and take the life of the only female who stirs his desires?

This is a retelling of Poseidon like you’ve never seen him before. Watch as he battles his inner demons, while Andromeda attempts to pull them to the surface.

My Review

I absolutely love this newest book in this series about Gods. KM Mixon does a wonderful job of this dark romance retelling on Poseidon. The best part is besides the men are the women that they love. They are just as powerful and stand as equals. 

Poseidon may be a God but that does not mean he is without his own personal demons. Ones that keep him from fully expressing himself. That is until Andromeda. She does not give up on Poseidon. Little by little she teases it out of him until he gives in to his desires. This is when the temperatures rise. They were so hot that the water would have been boiling. 

KM Mixon promised that each book would get spicer and she delivers on that promise. I can't wait to read book three. 


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