Book Review: Unknown


My best friend is dead

Those who I call family are telling me the one I love is a monster

I’m Sorry…the last text he ever sent

Now I’m not sure what to believe.

I’m sent on a mission to find him no matter the cost. I find myself undercover with The Elite a team working outside the law to hunt down the worst criminals.

I’m going to use this team as a way to find the truth. To find him and get the answers I deserve.

Revenge might just destroy me but this is what I was trained for.

No one will ever see this coming. Including my own fucking heart…

My Review

I was drawn to this book for the mystery first. Which I felt like the case took a while to really pick up and start to come together. It seemed like the romance became the main focal point in the beginning. Which I will not deny was steamy. Natalie sure got Stryker and Conrad all hot and bothered. 

To be honest, I was feeling more of Stryker. Even if he came off a bit too domineering. There is some crude language used in the way that Natalie and Stryker talk to each other. While I did like these two, I was left waiting for the investigation to truly start. This did not happen until like the halfway point it seemed. From here, the story did pick up and move faster.

Then there is the mysterious King. He is a wild card in the story. This story does end in a bit of a cliffhanger. Overall, I still did like this book that I would read book two. 


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