Book Review: The Gunslinger’s Guide to Avoiding Matrimony


At the ripe old age of twenty-eight, desperate-to-retire gunslinger Adam Brady has exactly two rules. And one of them is never, ever get married. So he’ll be danged when his dreams of permanently avoiding the bounty hunter on his tail in Desolation, the only town where notorious men like him can find respite, comes with one helluva string attached. The town has a new rule: gunslingers welcome—if they get a job…or marry.

Without realizing it, Adam stumbles into a big town wedding and accidentally marries Nora Schumacher, a sassy-mouthed mountain of a woman with legs as long as his wanted poster. So what’s a gunslinger to do but get himself 
unhitched and find a job. Any job. Except Adam keeps getting fired, one odd circumstance after another. And he’s running out of options.

Desolation was supposed to be his safe haven. Except, he’s not only running from his past but from the irresistible woman he married. And worse, he’s finding that he rather likes the enticing, if damnably independent, wife of his. But some men just aren’t the marrying kind. Only, if he leaves, his own life won’t be worth living. If he stays, he puts the lives of his newfound family and the woman he loves on the line. So much for Desolation being the answer to all his problems.

Each book in the Gunslinger series is STANDALONE:
* Hitched To The Gunslinger
* The Gunslinger’s Guide to Avoiding Matrimony

My Review

Just like Hitched to the Gunslinger the first book in this series, Michelle brings the same humor in this book. If you are starting this series, you are just fine as each book can be read as their own standalone novel. Historical romance fiction books used to be a favorite of mine. I can tell you that after having read these two books that Michelle is bringing my love back for this genre. 

Nora and Adam shared great chemistry between them. Not to mention the witty banter as well. I love witty banter. It makes the story so entertaining. Plus, it adds to the romantic attraction between the two main leads. There are some really steamy moments shared between Nora and Adam. Just the way I like my romances. All I have to say about The Gunslinger's Guide to Avoiding Matrimony is take me away cowboy!


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