Book Review: The Clients


When your past catches up with you … run.

Presumed dead after the Twin Towers attack in 2001, stockbroker/con artist Mel Green, in reality, escaped the disaster. She departed Manhattan with stolen millions from unsuspecting investors. Living incognito, Mel assumed a new identity as math teacher Mandy Gates in Hailey, Idaho. Two decades later, at the edge of the northern Rockies, in a warm, and welcoming community, Mel regrets her secret past and has developed feelings for her new colleague, substitute teacher and part-time rancher, Riley Brown, who knows nothing of her real history. And she knows nothing of his.

Then her former husband/partner discovers her alive and shares bad news. Recent FBI investigations reveal Mel and her ex were conned. Their investors in 2001 were using them to launder money for terrorists. The file Mel fled with years ago holds the key. These “clients” now want that information buried—right along with Mel and her estranged husband.

Will Mel find the file she misplaced, come out from the shadows, and provide evidence to the Feds? Or will the clients find her first?

The Clients is perfect for fans of Melinda Leigh, Kendra Elliot, Lisa Gardner, Mary Burton, and James Patterson.

My Review

I was drawn to this book by the summary. It drew me in and wanted to read it. Which I do have to say that in the beginning my attention was focused on the story, but it wavered and after a little while, I did find myself becoming easily distracted. The pacing from then on for me was slower. This is a good read. I was not fully engaged as much in the characters, but I could see this book being turned into a television series. It did have a good storyline. 

Although I will say that the story did seem to pick up again at about almost the halfway point. From here the story stayed at a higher intensity. This did help a lot for me. While this book may not have fully done it for me, I am in the minority as may other readers really enjoyed this book. So, pick it up for yourself and try it. 


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