Book Review: Wings In Captivity


Grimm is an assassin, a ghost in the night, coming to gift souls for the Reaper!

Once he sets his eyes on Tara, his spirited butterfly, he knows he must capture her and put her in his own cage.

While Tara is on the run from one monster, she catches the eye of another.

With the games they play, in the end, who will have captured who?

WARNING: This is a Dark Romance, captive story. Trigger warnings include but are not limited to: dubious consent, strong language, violence. Intended audience 18+ only.

My Review

I have read this author's Tampa FBI books. Which are different from this one. I like the variety in the different genres. While the other books did feature sexy moments, this book is by far the spiciest of them all. 

Whenever Grimm is around, the temperature in the room gets hotter and the air a little less making it harder to breathe. Tara can feel it too. Therefore, the intimate moments between these two is through the roof. There are all kinds of sexy playtime had between Grimm and Tara. 

I really enjoyed this book a lot and look forward to reading C. Soto's next book. Wings in Captivity is a sexy, romping good read!


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