Book Review: Summer Hate


He was the last person I wanted to see on my girls’ trip, let alone share a room with.

Donovan Fitzroy is grumpy. Irritable. Annoyingly perfect. And as handsome as he is uptight. He’s also my best friend’s older brother and the one man I’ve avoided for a decade.

And for good reason.

So imagine my surprise when my bestie abandons me at her family-owned resort and I’m left alone with her brother.

After spending five minutes with him, I’m ready to drive back to Tennessee, but it’s getting dark, and he insists I wait till morning. As much as I’d love to tell him to shove his hospitality where the sun don’t shine, I’m exhausted. I can survive one night in the same cabin. Right?

Only when morning comes, Donovan needs help. With no event coordinator and the end-of-summer bash to plan in less than a week, he’s in over his head. I should walk away. I should go home and never lay eyes on him again. Between him thinking I can’t do it, and my former, very unwanted feelings rearing their stupid heads, I’ve got something to prove.

I’ve come a long way in ten years, and Donovan freaking Fitzroy will not get the better of me.

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My Review

Summer Hate is more like Summer Love. This book needs to be on your summer reading list. If this is your first time reading a book from Melissa, I can guarantee that you will be hooked. Donovan and Violet were spicing things up between them. The tension was hot. 

This cattiness between Donovan and Violet was entertaining. It just made things that much sweeter when these two finally hooked up. You have heard the saying about..."makeup s#x". Although, I am not surprised by the heat as I have read a handful of books by Melissa and know she can really bring the spice. This enemies to lovers book is just what I needed.  


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