Fated to the Wolves: Uniting the Stars


The world of the zodiacs can be a powerful thing. When the stars align, it can bring magic, love, happiness, or heartbreak.

For generations, we have been fascinated with learning more and now these authors will be telling their own unique versions of the zodiacs we all know and love and some that might be new to you.

When the stars unite, anything is possible. If you just believe.

This is a multi author anthology. Stories may come with a trigger warning and end on a cliff-hanger please beware before reading.

✨Join these amazing authors as they explore the Zodiacs!

Featuring Stories by: Alexis Taylor, Elizabeth Austin, Rae Tina, A.C. Dawn, Kasey Kaye, C. E. Lashua, Kristin Alexander, Kat Parrish, Yasmin Hawken, Stephanie Hassenplug, Joss Revel, & Beth Hendrix!

My Review

Review for Fated to the Wolves by Elizabeth Austin

If you enjoy shifter stories with HEAT than you will really enjoy this story from this anthology. Even through Tara was meeting Rhys and Alec for the first time, it felt like they had been together forever. They truly were all soulmates. 

While the story is a short and quick read; don't let this mean that there are still some HOT love making scenes to be found in this story. This story definitely got me in the mood to read another pnr romance from this author. 


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