Book Review: Catch



One look. One touch. One sound of her beautiful voice, and I’m hooked.
Like a dream I never want to wake up from, she pulls me in and wraps me around her.
Consumed. Driven with need. Fueled by an unrelenting desire to make her mine.
One night, I take more than she has ever given before, which only leaves me wanting more.
Needing more. Craving more.
She’s the one I’ve waited for my whole life.
I’ll be damned if I let anyone, including our families, stand in our way.
She trusts me. Hungers for me, just like I want only to covet her. Forever.
But, there is one twist neither of us see coming.
A curveball, no one could ever have ever expected.
Still, I hold on tight to her light.
She’s my Angel.
Something about her, us, makes me feel like I found heaven on earth.
She’s my best Catch, and I’m not letting her go.

My Review

This is a sweet, charming and spicy read. Instantly, I felt emotional connections with both Hunter and Rochelle. They both had been dealt some bad cards in their lives but together they were able to overcome them and grow, especially true for Rochelle. She started out as meek but blossomed into a woman as the story progressed. 

You could really feel the strong emotions that these two had with each other. Then there comes a bit of a twist that I never saw coming. It definitely added a new complex layer to the story. Yet, don't worry as this book does have a HEA. 


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