Book Review: Perfect Cowboy


A girl who is down on her luck. A cowboy who no longer believes in love. Hate has never felt so good.


A decade ago, I ran away from the small town where Gavin is king.

He was my first love. My first time. My first everything. After losing my fiancé, job and all my money, I’m forced back home.

The teenager whose heart I broke is all man with rock-hard abs, a mouth-watering bulge, and beyond grumpy personality. But underneath the smug smile, the boy I loved is still there.

And I’ve never wanted him more.


I hate Ashley almost as much as I want her.

We get snowed in at her dad’s cabin, and it doesn’t take long before she convinces me to sleep with the enemy. And that’s when I learn the line between love and hate is very thin.

Underneath the rivalry, our undeniable connection is still there. I want nothing to do with her, but she's quickly becoming the one woman I can’t live without.

Maybe I don’t hate Ashley after all.

My Review

Gavin's story has now been told. I loved all three books in this series. It was great to see Gavin get his happy ending. Although, I have to say that this book is the most angst out of the three books. Readers of enemies to lovers novels will want to pick up this book. Perfect Cowboy is the "perfect" spicy read!

To be honest, as I have gotten to know Gavin from the prior novels, I expected him to be the last to find his forever woman. He was a player but it was nice to see him change. The tension between him and Ashley was HOT. It just got even steamier the longer they went before crossing the line. No matter what Ashley may have done to Gavin in the past, I could not be mad at her. She was a sweetheart. 

Just like the other two books, I could not read this book fast enough. In fact, I read it in one sitting. Fans of Olivia's will love this book and new readers need to check out all of Olivia's books. 


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