Book Review: First Love part of The Love Duet


A heart-wrenching, second-chance romance from USA TODAY Bestselling Author Xavier Neal.

Ryder Collins wasn't always this broken.
This bitter.
This miserable.

Once upon a time he was whole.
Excited for what his future held.

So, what happened?

His soulmate walked out of his life.


(First Love is the first half of The Love Duet. It does end up on a cliffhanger that is concluded in part 2, Last Love)

My Review

Wow. Where to start with this book. It is full of angst and soul shattering moments. You could really feel the deep, emotional love that Ryder and Presley shared with one another. Yet, their story is not all sunshine. It is like a rose and that there are thorns. 

As much as I really enjoyed this book, I do have to admit that was not the case in the beginning. When I first started reading; I found myself turned off by all of the "f" word. Not that I can't handle the "f" word but I felt that the multiple times it appeared in a very short amount of time was off-putting. However, I am glad that I did stick with the book as I just got deeper and deeper into this story the more I read. I can't wait to finish this duet with book two. 

This letter that Ryder wrote for Presley says it all:

You were my first addition, my sweetest high. 

I tried to replace you in various ways, but always failed. 

You wanted to protect me. 

You were my family when it felt like I had no one else.

For the pain I caused you, I will never forgive myself. 

Lettering you walk away was the hardest thing I've ever done. 

I've changed, but my love for you never will.

You were my first addition, my sweetest high, the one I'll never stop chasing. 

I haven't given up all hope.

Not yet. 

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