Book Review: Resurrection


My husband is dead.
All that remains are our memories.
My children will never know their father.
I will never know how it feels to grow old with him.

All that I have left are the voices.
The nightmare that haunts me day and night,
suffocating me,
never leaving my mind.
The torment constantly telling me
I’d be better off six-feet under instead of him.

But the voices stop when I finally look up
and suddenly he’s all that I see.
A beautiful stranger relentless on letting go,
but scared to hold me close
after his own painful suffering.

Justin Gatz.
My boss.
My new best friend.
A savior I never expected.

This book contains the following triggers:
Mental Health
Physical & Mental Abuse
Reader discretion is strongly advised.

My Review

Author, Evelyn does it again with this book. I really felt Rose and Justin's emotions. Thus, it brought me very close to them and become invested in the story. I have not lost a spouse but at the same time I could put myself in Rose's shoes; therefore, the internal struggle she had when it came to romantic feelings towards Justin felt real. It was nice to see Justin respect those boundaries and let Rose move at her own pace. 

This in turned allowed for some really steamy moments between Rose and Justin. Which caused a deeper connection both emotionally and physically. I would expect nothing else from Evelyn. She infuses such life into her stories and characters. Lastly, I do want to briefly talk about the new ending. It was rewritten and changed. I like the new ending better and felt it suited the story as a whole. 


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