Book Review: Violent Promises


Violent Promises is the final book in the Blackridge series!

When one reckless decision and a possessive heart lead to an inescapable debt...

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d be at the mercy of a man who only wanted one thing, my death.

With each passing hour, my growing despair wars with my murderous blood.

Do I give in to the inevitability of life with the enemy, or do I allow the serial killer inside of me to come barreling to the surface?

I don’t want the man who keeps me locked away.

I want my monster, my darkness, my Caelian.

I long for his cruel eyes and bruising touch. The rage which consumes him calms the madness in me.

Without him, I feel as if the mania I’ve fought to control will ignite, devouring me entirely.

The day is nearing where I’ll be forced to choose, and at the end of it all, I wonder, will he be there to save me, or will I be on my own?

I cling to the hope that when the day comes, Caelian will be beside me.

But if not, I’m determined to make it out alive. There’s no alternative.

I am a Crow, after all.

Violent Promises is a full length novel and the final book in the Blackridge Series. Please be advised that this book contains content which may be triggering to some readers.

My Review

I love this series. It just got better and better with each book. This final one was the perfect ending to this series. Although, I am sad that this is the last of Caelian and Raven's story. These two are Clyde and Bonnie aka endgame. 

Caelian and Raven have come a long way from book one. They have grown and learned how to keep their rage under control. Yet, that does not mean that I want to be on their bad side as their enemies including Connor discover. Yet, I don't feel bad for Connor. He was a real a**.

A.R. Breck kept the fireworks coming with this final book. I was on the edge f my seat while reading this book. Just as I was recovering from the first big moment, the next shot was fired and so on. If you enjoy reading dark romances with kick butt characters that will rip a hole in your heart, than, you need to read this series!


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