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An implant with the potential to save humanity, but only if in the right hands.

The UK’s blood reserves vanish overnight.

The government’s response – make blood currency.

The stolen blood is sold by dealers seemingly controlled by a mysterious implant.

Ginley & Sara, two rival political journalists with opposing agendas cover the government’s handling of a country thrust into crisis.

As they find out more about the blood heist and the implant, the more they have to put their differences aside and work together to unravel a colossal conspiracy, risking their loved ones’ lives, and all that they’ve ever known, in the process.

Chrysalis Excerpt 1 

The Prime Minister, Peter Lightfoot, approaches the lectern, wearing a smart suit over an immaculately ironed white shirt. A blue Conservative tie is pristinely knotted tight up against the collar.

Unlike his attire, he looks tired, despite the best efforts of the concealer layered on him for the cameras. His usually perfectly gelled hair has a few rogue strands drooping down. Thanks to the wonders of 8K TV, Derrick can see every bead of sweat running down the PM’s forehead. The stress of being the figurehead responsible for Britain’s response to last night’s heist is taking its toll.

“It’s very important that nobody panics. There are some blood reserves in hospitals which will help us see out the next month, and possibly even beyond. These stocks have been unaffected by last night’s incidents. Over the last six years, this great nation has endured an awful lot, but the Great British public came together as one and met the Coronavirus and Hemo challenges head on. I strongly believe that we will rise to the challenge yet again. We are a resilient people. We look out for our neighbours. That is one of the many reasons why I love being British.

“What I ask of each and every one of you right now is, if you are medically able to do so, to go and donate blood. We will be publishing a list of cities and towns that donations are taking place in, both today and over the next couple of weeks. I encourage you to drop whatever it is your plans are and get down there as soon as you can. Let’s make sure that in the midst of the carnage caused by Covid and Hemo, that we don’t let this unforeseen event take any more of our dear neighbours and friends.

“In the meantime, we will leave no stone unturned as we investigate how the blood went missing. If there is a criminal element to it, then rest assured the culprits will be brought to justice...”


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