Esther and her sister, Sarah live in Prin. A town that may have once been beautiful but has not been almost all but destroyed. The survivors are just that. Surviving. People in Prin have three jobs…harvesting, gleaning, or excavation. Their leader Levi lives in a fortress called the Source. Levi is a mean leader. However the people of Prin have to worry more about the variant or mutants. The variant live on the outskirts of Prin. Lately, they have gotten more violent.

The people receive a hero in the form of a young boy named Caleb.

Wasteland is a good start to this new young adult series. This series is more post apocalyptic, which is fastly becoming one of the hottest rising genres around along with steam punk.

Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan make a great writing team. The story just flowed and I did not have to stumble along or could tell who wrote which parts. This is important when there are several writers involved in a book. I want to be able to just read. What really got me hooked with this book is the world that Esther lives in. The authors described it in such detail that it was like I could feel the heat from the sun scorching my skin. The best way that I can describe it is to compare it to the movie, Pitch Black with Vin Diesel. Where Vin and his crew crashed on a planet that was pretty much desolate.


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