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Yeah like this is really what anyone wants to hear right before they bungee jump off of a bridge. “Just in case line break and you not stop before ground, we really enjoy know you.” This is exactly what Adam heard right before he jumped. As you can tell he survived and the line did not break. Otherwise if it had then I would not have been contacted by the author himself (well I am pretty sure it is the author.) Can’t really say as I have not met him in the flesh. Well anyways if the line had broke then I would not have been made aware of this book and would not be sharing it with my readers.

Mr. Shepard has dreamed of traveling. So he saved so that he could travel for a year. A year to live. His journey starts in Guatemala City. The way Mr. Shepard writes and describes everything in detail, it was like I was with him as he went from place to place. I could hear the roar of the crowd at the soccer game, worked with poor children in Honduras, ran with the bulls in Spain and not just 1 bull but 3 bulls. Yes, as Mr. Shepard states himself he is a risk taker. I call him more of an extreme risk taker. However this is not a bad thing. It means that you will have more exciting stories.

Mr. Shepard encourages people especially young people to get off their butts and travel the world. As Mr. Shepard’s friend, Scott states “The world has one hundred and ninety-seven millionish square miles.” So you need to get out there and cover lots of those miles. I am more then inspired after reading about Adam’s experiences and journey to get my passport and start filling it up.

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If you want to read this book for yourself, I will send you a link where you can get it for free. However first you have to share this post and leave a comment with a link to where you posted it like on facebook or twitter. I will then email you the link to the free book. The more places you share this the better. Mr. Shepard and I really want to spread the word about his latest book and the importance of traveling. Also, curious as to where you want to travel and why?

Check out Mr. Shepard fightintg the bulls!


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