Lighthouse Bay does shed a beacon of hope.

The year is 1901. Isabella and her husband were traveling by ship when the ship sinks. Isabella survives and makes her way to Lighthouse Bay in Australia. Isabella has nothing but the clothes on her back and a piece of paper. A very important paper that is meant for the Australian Parliament.

Present Day

Libby Slater’s lover dies. She has nothing left, so she heads home to Lighthouse Bay to start over. Due to her actions, Libby is estranged from her sister. She hopes to bridge the gap between them again.

I read Wildflower Hill by this author and enjoyed it. So I wanted to read Kimberley’s next book, Lighthouse Bay. While I did like this book. I was not in love with it as much as the prior novel. Again Ms. Freeman does a good job of intertwining the past with the present. However as with most books that focus on the past and the present, I found that the past is more developed and pulls me into the story then the present. This was the case with this book.

I was more interested in Isabella’s story then I was in Libby’s. However I did lose interest after a while and sort of skimmed the rest of the book. Only because I felt it was progressing slowly and thus the story seemed to drag on. Although I know that Ms. Freeman is a nice storyteller. Lighthouse Bay does shed a beacon of hope.


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