Unforgiving Shadows

Reviwe by Nancy

Ten years ago, Frank Wilkie had helped brutally murder Brad Frame’s mother and sister. Tonight, he dies by lethal injection. Who does he invite to come watch? Brad. The deed done, the Prison Chaplain calls Brad aside and gives him a gift from Wilkie. His personal Bible.

No one seems to know why the Bible was given. The killer had no family. There are some words written in the book, here and there: sorry, eddie, etc. but nothing explains them. Yet. At the trial, Frank’s lawyer said he was illiterate but he could write, apparently.

Everyone wants the Bible. Wilkie’s attorney demands it; he walks away empty-handed. He is negotiating a book deal which won’t be complete without it. Brad’s coming apart at the seams from stress and old memories when the unplanned happens – someone sets fire to this office and steals the Bible.

The mystery continues with well written characters and a very determined private detective (Brad), his partner (Sharon) and Nick, the cop who caught Wilkies set out to find out answers. The truth may set you free but the words in the Bible say Frank and Eddie were paid to kill Brad’s mom and sister. It’s a long haul but in this book you won’t notice. You’ll be too busy turning the pages!


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