The Funny Adventures of Little Nani

The Funny Adventures of Little Nani by Cinta Garcia De La Rosa is a fun, charming collection of short stories. I enjoyed reading about all the mischief that Little Nani got herself into. What with the help of her friends, Skinny Nikki, Big Billy, and horse.

I do have to agree that I found Skinny Nikki and Big Billy better as ostriches then boys. Yes, the mischief I was talking about with Little Nani involves her and her magic wand. You see, Little Nani is a witch in training. Only Little Nani does not have the patience to learn how to perform spells properly. So she ends up turning her friends into ostriches, chickens into penguins, and so forth.

I loved the names of the different people that Little Nani encountered on her many adventures. They were intriguing. What I found really great about this book is that there were many blank pages through out the book. These pages were for the reader to draw with their own imagination the scene that was happening at that moment in the story. This was good because it helped to make this book very interactive. Kids of all ages will have a good time with this book. It will bring the inner child out again in all of us.

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