New Rules for Blondes: Highlights from a Fair-Haired Life

I being a brunette don’t know what it is like being a blonde. I have never been one. For me and my skin tone, I don’t think blonde would go well together. However, I have always wondered why so many want to be blonde or why people say blondes have more fun. So when I heard about Selena’s book, The New Rules for Blondes: Highlights from a Fair-Haired Life I thought this is a book worth checking out. I will gain some insight into the “light” side.

I have to comment and say that Selena is truly a dedicated blonde. This is a good thing. For this reason and all the other reasons that Selena mentions in this book is why I will leave the “light” side to her. Too much work for me to keep up with finding the perfect balance between “ashy” and “brassy” blondes.

This book did not really hit the mark with me but I still found it to be a pretty good book. I learned a lot more about being blonde than I thought I would. I did not laugh as much as I wanted or hoped to reading this book. The foot notes were great. I found myself drawn to the foot note more as they were interesting. What I did enjoy was Selena’s honesty. She just calls things for what they were.

Talking with Selena

Why do you think people find blondes to be so fun?

Could it have something to do with the “blondes have more fun” propaganda that we’re all force-fed from the moment we are born? I kid—I do think that it’s a really interesting phenomenon and I would posit that it’s related to the frequency of blondeness found in kids’ haircolor. Tons of people are blonde during childhood—tow head tykes—and then outgrow that hair color and develop darker hair as they get older. So there’s a subconscious connection between carefree, fun days of youth and blonde hair. I also think it’s a chicken-or-egg situation, as far as blondes being fun. If you try out blonde hair to see what it’s like, you’re probably more prone to act fun or rowdy because you think that’s how it’s “supposed to be” as a blonde. And then, to the outside viewer, you’re fulfilling that role of the fun, spunky blonde so blondes are seen as more fun. It’s a crazy, fun cycle.

Who is your favorite blonde, besides yourself?

I’m glad you qualify the question with “besides yourself” in there—hell yeah self love! Seriously. I have a personal mantra: If I weren’t me, I’d worship me. But enough about my healthy self-esteem—let’s talk about other blondes. My blonde mentor is my beautiful, platinum haired mother, Susan. But as far as blondes who all of your readers will know, I’ve got to admit that I really like Jenny McCarthy.

She’s a gorgeous blonde who is hilarious, driven, and gutsy. I first discovered her when she was the co-host of MTV’s “Singled Out” back in the mid-1990s and she was so refreshing to me: a gorgeous, fun blonde who was also hilarious with her crazy faces and antics. I don’t think that I quite realized it back then, but I was very inspired by that—the notion that you can be beautiful and a bit nutty and funny and it all works. I just love ladies who seem to manage their careers on their own terms and take the road less traveled and Jenny McCarthy has done that to great effect. Plus, her hair is always fantastic.


Celine said…
Being blonde really isn't that exciting in the northern part of Europe, everyone seems to be blonde here and not having more fun than brunettes

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