Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected--A Memoir (P.S.)

What a great story. Nella and Kelle both won me over with their story. Well to be honest everyone in this book was great. I flew in love with Nella and grew to love her even more as the story moved along. The strongest moments that happened in this book were the ones that took place right after Kelle gave birth to Nella and saw her for the first time. Her instant reaction to Nella, to the time when she asked for her father and he said “That’s okay, we love her”. Then there was the moment when Kelle’s friends moved the rocking chair under the blue light so that they could hold Nella as she craved human touch. Also, I can not forget the moment when Kelle was visited by another woman in the hospital who told Kelle she was lucky as she also had a baby girl who had Down syndrome but died at birth.

All of the pictures in this book are just gorgeous. Kelle is a great photographer. She really captured the story she was telling as well as the essence of who Nella is. Bloom would make the perfect mother’s day gift. This book will have you talking about it with your friends.

To learn how you can help with Down syndrome go to the National Down syndrome society


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