Bristol House

Annie Kendall is a historian. She specializes in the Renaissance England time period, specially the Tudor era. This is why when Annie receives the offer from the Shalom Foundation to come and research some ancient artifacts from the Hold Land she jumps at the opportunity. Annie will be staying at Bristol House, which is only a four minute walk from the British Museum. Unfortunately Annie is not alone in the house. Her guest is a monk. Who just happens to be dead. As if this is not enough for Annie to digest. She meets Geoff Harris. Geoff bares a very similar remembrance to the dead monk. What is their relation to each other?

Try as I might, I just could not fully commit to this book. I was originally excited to read this book. I thought the premise of it was intriguing and I like reading about the Tudor era. However, this book never really picked up speed for me. I tried to stick with it but eventually had to stop. I was sad as I wanted to like this book a lot. The only parts that I did find interesting were the ones that were about the past story involving the monk. Annie did not jump off the pages for me and neither did Geoff.

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Mystica said…
I've seen so much written about this book I am intrigued and would like to read it as well.

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